45 mL Flip-Top Polypropylene Container

Our 45 mL Flip-Top Polypropylene Containers are ideal for the transport of urine samples for drug testing programs. The containers feature tamper evident and locking seals for sample security before and after collection. Leak-tight 45 mL tamper evident vials are closed in the mold during manufacturing to form a hermetic seal, including a plastic filament that connects the hinged lid to the base of the vial. Once opened, the plastic filament will separate, indicating the first time the vial has been opened since leaving the mold.


  • The 45 mL vial is the industry choice for secure collection and transport.
  • Manufactured using high purity virgin USP Class VI Medical grade polypropylene (PP) conforming to US FDA 21 CFR, free from natural rubber & heavy metal
  • Flip-Top Polypropylene Containers with Chain of Custody Seal feature a one-way, irreversible chain lock that secures the container once it is closed.
  • Air tight and leak resistant construction
  • Food-grade polypropylene
  • Permanent hinge lid allows easy one-handed opening of vial
  • Shoulderless, liner-less containers


Recommended for:

Drugs of abuse testing, food and beverage sample collection, veterinary applications, environmental sampling, water testing, general packaging and storage.

Technical Data:

Description 45 mL Flip Top Vial, Twin Valve
Material Polypropylene
Sterility Non-sterile
Volume (Metric) 45 mL
Volume (English) 1.5 oz.
Closure Type Tamper Evident, Flip Top
Type Specimen Container
Unit Size Each

Free from Heavy metals, RoHS Free according to meets relevant requirements of EU regulations1935/2004/CE ,2002/95/EC as amended, UE 10/2011 as amended. EU CONEG & it’s following amendments. It is safe use in contact with food stuff, Pharmaceuticals & drinking water.

Product is manufactured without the use of Raw Materials of animal origin Therefore BSE/TSE issue does not concern this product to the best of our knowledge. No materials containing latex or natural rubber are used in the Manufacturing, handling & packaging process for this product.

Product are manufactured, inspected and found to be in compliance with product & quality specification requirements as documented in ISO 9001:2015 & 13485:2016 Quality Management System. Testing of various characteristics in accordance with the valid specification, inspection reviewed & signed for product release.

Single use only.

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