Screw Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes

The extraordinary strength, safety and reliability of our Screw-Cap tube lets you perform procedures that simply can't be done with other tubes Boil it, irradiate it, immerse it in the vapor phase of liquid Nitrogen. Inside the screw cap, an ethylene propylene O-Ring forms a secure and leak-proof seal.

  • Frost area for writing
  • Non-sterile or Sterile
  • Made from a crystal clear resin that allows you to easily view your samples
  • Polypropylene tubes are suitable for vapor phase liquid nitrogen storage, boiling and autoclaving
  • Sturdy enough to withstand centrifugation of 20,000xG
  • Free of RNase, DNase, and endotoxins
  • Works with standard caps with and without o'ring


Compliance: Certified RNase-, DNase-, DNA-, and pyrogen-free

Convenient - Molded ridges on tubes match serrations on racks  so tubes may be opened with one hand. Upright models stand without a rack. Seamless, conical design lets you extract all of sample wit pipette or syringe. Transparent polymer lets you see your sample clearly.

Sample Integrity - O-ring creates a positive seal that prevents leaking during processing, storage, or transport. Tube is made of inert virgin-polypropylene copolymer, to minimize the risk of altering samples.

Our Screw-Cap tube is ideal for any sample-processing or storage application imaginable-and especially for working with valuable or hazardous cells and materials.

Universal use - Accommodates all fixed angle head microcentrifuges Will withstand maximum G-forces of all current microcentrifuge instruments.

Safe and Reliable - External threads minimize contamination, material hang-up and loss.

Sturdy and Reusable - Ideal for freezer storage, boiling, autoclaving and irradiation

Skirted Bottom Screw Cap Micro-Centrifuge Tubes
Cat No: Description Qty/bag
95.001 0.5mL  1000
95.002 1.5mL  1000
95.003 2.0mL 1000
Sterile- with cap
95.004 0.5mL  500
95.005 1.5mL 500
95.006 2.0mL  500

Conical Bottom Screw Cap Micro-Centrifuge Tubes
Cat No: Description Qty/bag
94.001 0.5mL  1000
94.002 1.5mL  1000
94.003 2.0mL 1000
Sterile- with cap
94.004 0.5mL  500
94.005 1.5mL 500
94.006 2.0mL  500

Screw Caps with O'ring
Cat No: Color Qty/bag
96.001 Clear PP 1000
96.002 Blue 1000
96.003 Green 1000
96.004 Red 1000
96.005 White  1000
96.006 Yellow 1000