Vacuum Manifolds

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All items are available under your trade name or brand.We can private label all items and accessories so that you can market and sell the brand, while we do the manufacturing.The manifold lids can also be etched with your company name or brand.Please contact us for more information. 

Vacuum Manifolds
Vacuum manifolds for SPE sample preparation, filtration, and elusion are available in 12, 16, and 24 port configurations.These manifolds permit consistent extraction and filtration results. Multiple sample processing with these manifolds simplifies procedures and saves time.The manifolds consist of a clear glass chamber and lid to which a vacuum is applied to draw a sample through an SPE column, cartridge, or disk.

Adjustable racks placed in the glass vacuum chamber will accommodate a variety of sample collection vessels, including test tubes, autosampler vials, volumetric flasks, and Erlenmeyer flasks. Eluants are deposited directly into the collection vessel of choice via polypropylene, optional stainless steel, or Teflon needles.Drying attachments for the 12 and 24 port manifolds will direct a flow of air or nitrogen into the collection vessels to dry eluants prior to further analysis. Drying attachments can also be connected, via adapters, to SPE columns or cartridges in order to dry the column or cartridge prior to final elusion.Optional disposable solvent resistant polypropylene liners are available for the twelve port manifolds.These waste liners greatly simplify sample preparation, solvent disposal, and clean-up.


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Vacuum Manifolds,Complete Units:
Item No: Description
4012 12 Position Vacuum Manifold-Complete, with waste liner
4416 16 Position Vacuum Manifold-Complete
4824 24 Position Vacuum Manifold-Complete

Drying Attachments

Drying Attachments are available for the 12 and 24 port manifolds, which will direct the flow of air or nitrogen into the collection vessels to concentrate eluants, prior to further analysis. Drying attachments can also be connected directly to columns, cartridges, or disks, via adapters to permit drying sorbent beds, prior to final elution.

Vacuum Manifolds,Complete Units:
Item No: Description: Qty.
4027 12 Position Drying Attachment Each
4431 16 Position Vacuum Manifold-Complete Each
4839 24 Position Drying Attachment Each

Flash Column Processing System

For your large column applications from 10 to 70g, these newly introduced processing stations target the large SPE and Flash columns. Typically vacuum manifolds can handle only 12, 16, or 24 normal size columns, but for those samples that require larger capacity, we have developed a new larger manifold. With 10 positions, the unit is able to address the larger solvent volumes. 

Key features:

  • 10 positions optimally spaced to accommodate larger columns 
  • All units included Inert PTFE Control valves and Needles 
  • Racks hold collection tubes up to 150mm long 
  • All units included Stainless Steel needles 
  • Familiar controls and system- as commonly used vacuum manifolds 
  • Chemically resistant Polypropylene Lids 
  • Racks designed for 19 or 25mm tubes, both included in standard system 
  • Custom Sizes & Formats available upon request
Vacuum Manifolds,Complete Units:
Item No: Description: Qty/Pkg
50010 Flash Vacuum Manifold  Set-Complete 1
50011 Glass chamber 1
50012 Cover, gasket, & 10 stopcocks 1
50013 Gaskets 2
50014 Vacuum gauge, valve, & glass chamber 1
50015 Needles - Polypropylene 10
50016 Needles - Stainless Steel 10
50017 Collection Rack-shelves, legs, clips, & posts 1
50018 Plate - 19mm 1
50020 Plate - 25mm 1
50022 Plate - dimple 1
50023 Plate - base 1
50024 Stopcocks 10
50025 Drying attachment 1

Teflon Needles and Control Valves

Disposable Teflon Needles and Teflon Control Valves are designed to fit through the manifold lid via the luer fitting.These needles deliver the eluant directly from the SPE extraction column or cartridge into the collection vessel in the vacuum chamber. These needles, when used in conjunction with Teflon columns and Teflon frits ensure zero extractables from the column, frits, and fluid path. This combination is especially useful for critical sample analysis, such as environmental samples.

Teflon Needles:
Item No: Qty/Pkg.
4210 100
4212 500

Teflon Control Valves:
Item No: Qty/Pkg.
4202 25
4204 500

Waste Containers

Disposable solvent resistant polypropylene waste liners, for 12 port manifolds, greatly simplify sample preparation, solvent disposal, and final clean-up of the manifold.The disposable waste liner is a molded solvent resistant polypropylene liner that fits into the vacuum chamber of the 12 port manifold.

The liner is designed to contain all liquids used in SPE sample preparation.To use the liner, remove the manifold lid and take out the rack and shelf set. Place the disposable liner into the glass vacuum chamber, and replace the manifold lid. Proceed with all conditioning and sample preparation steps. Just prior to final elution, the liner, containing the waste solvents, is removed from the vacuum chamber.There are small handles at each end of the waste liner to facilitate its removal. Replace the lid, and proceed with the final elution of the analyte.Waste solvents should be properly discarded from the liner.The liner can be cleaned and re-used a number of times, prior to discarding.

Disposable waste liner,PP Item No:

Teflon Needles:
Item No: Qty/Pkg.
4028 10