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Sterile Disposable Plastic 96-Pin Replicator Plates

Transfer of DNA libraries from storage plates to membranes, agar surfaces or new wells can be facilitated by using the New Replicator Plates from Ciro Mfg. Corp, which allow transfer or conversion from 96 well systems. Micro-Plate Pin Replicators transfer small volume samples to plates, membranes or solid supports.

Ideal for inoculum, clones, YACs, cosmid libraries, colony hybridization, antibiotic sensitivity testing, phage typing, replication of DNA libraries and more. Individual pins transfer approximately 1µl of sample. Transfer volume may vary depending on amount of pressure applied and viscosity of sample.

If your research involves screening, replicating or assaying numerous specimens or substances our replication system will reduce your labor, increase your throughput and decrease cost.  Also, each plate is supplied sterile, eliminating the need for ethanol washing prior to use as well.

  • Sterile or non-sterile
  • For use with 96-Well Plates
  • Disposable and inexpensive
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Designed for the replication of DNA libraries
  • Ideal for transferring small volumes of inoculum from plate to plate or to a membrane
  • Pins transfer 1.0 µl from liquid or 0.1 µl to solid supports
  • 100% homo-polymer Polypropylene