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Forensic Grade Products for Human Identification

Quality in human identity and forensics
ISO 18385 Compliant Manufacturer

In an effort to provide our customers with the highest quality products, we have developed and begun manufacturing products in compliance with ISO 18385.  We are offering and able to manufacture consumables for human identification and forensic applications.

Ciro Manufacturing operates a quality management system to certify reliable delivery of high quality products.    We are ISO 9001 and 13485 certified manufacturer.  Consumables are a potential source of DNA contamination and we are minimizing the risk of DNA contamination by the following:

We are experts at prototyping new concepts, improving manufacturability of existing designs, and designing for improved manufacturability and down-line savings.

We have the capability to take anything from a napkin sketch to solid models and detailed drawings, and turn around high quality plastic injection molded parts that are designed to optimize cost, weight, manufacturability, ergonomics, and performance.

At Ciro, our goal is to create a design that is manufacture-able and meets your expectations. Getting us involved in the early stages of the product design ensures you the success you should expect from your manufacturing partner.

As a plastic manufacturer, we work in diversified fields such as life sciences, molecular biology, sample preparation, genomics, chromatography, biomedical, clinical research and forensic applications.  Not only can you choose from the current products listed here, but we can also work together to design, mold, and manufacture a new product with you.

Our engineering and design staff will guide you through the process from design, molding, sampling, assembly, automation, and production. Contact us immediately to get started.  We have in house mold making capabilities and as well injection molding to provide our customers with lower costs and quicker turnaround.