About Us

About Ciro Manufacturing Corporation

Ciro Manufacturing Corporation is a manufacturing company dedicated to the production of high-quality plastic products, reagents, buffers, and custom assembly services. We offer liquid filling, kitting, and packaging services to complement our injection molding.

As a plastic manufacturer, we work in diversified fields such as molecular biology,diagnostics, sample preparation, chromatography, biomedical, medical, life sciences and clinical research.

Ciro can be your complete manufacturing source for all your plastic products,buffers and kit packaging.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create an enduring manufacturer that meets and exceeds the demands and needs of our customers. Customers can choose from our existing product line and customize the products to their needs. Our other services include product design, mold creation, injection molding, assembly, and privatelabeling.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with a diverse line of products that allows them to serve their markets in the most efficient manner. Our goal is to create a unique relationship between Ciro and our clients. Our relationships are built on trust and backed by our experience and dedication to satisfying our customer’s needs. Everyone at Ciro is committed to 100% customer satisfaction. We look forward to working with you.

Advantages of Using Ciro:

  • Flexible and efficient staff to meet small and large quantity demand
  • Lead time for new molds of 35 days
  • ISO 9001 Compliant
  • ISO 13485 Certified
  • DNase/RNase & Protease Free Certified Plastics
  • Prepared and compliant for ISO 18385
  • Forensic Grade Products for Human Identification
  • Experienced with filling powders, sorbents, buffers, slurries or liquids into devices
  • Experience manufacturing buffers and reagents
  • Product design engineering, prototypes and CAD capabilities
  • Standard Confidentiality and Secrecy Agreements
  • Private labeling and custom packaging capabilities